Privacy Policy

  1. Controller of Personal Data
    1. Personal Data Controller Popron Systems a.s., a limited liability company, ID 61855162, VAT ID CZ61855162, with registered place of business in Revoluční 1082/8, Prague – New Town, 110 00, Czech Republic, registered in the Commercial Register by the Municipal Court in Prague, section C, file 31495, (the “Controller”), shall all personal data process in strict confidentiality. Controller abides by national legal provisions and EU legislation with respect to Personal Data protection.
    2. Controller collects, stores and uses your Personal Data under provisions of law no. 110/2019 Coll., law regarding Personal Data processing (further referred as data processing law), and Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016, on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of Personal Data and on the free movement of such data, and repealing Directive 95/46/EC (the “GDPR”). Each purpose of processing Personal Data is described below.
    3. Controller collects Personal Data via its internet website (the “website”).
    4. This policy serves to sufficiently inform you about what Personal Data Controller processes, for what purpose, for how long, who can access the Personal Data and what rights you have with regard to your Personal Data. This policy relates to all Personal Data collected by the Controller, either to fulfill a contract, legal obligations, public interest, or given consent.
    5. This policy relates only to the website and the Personal Data collected thanks to it. This policy does not serve as Controller’s internal policy for Personal Data.
  1. Processed Personal Data
    1. Controller has the right to process following Personal Data according to the purpose, category of Personal Data, category of data subject, category of recipients and a period for which the Personal Data is stored.
No.PurposePersonal DataData SubjectRecipientsPeriod of Storage
1Contractual negotiation or processing an offerAddress, contact information, identification dataData subject in precontractual relationship with ControllerControllerPublic authoritiesFor necessary period of time, in case of NOT concluding a contract Personal Data shall be deleted in 1 year
2Contract performanceAddress, contact information, identification dataData subject in contractual relationship with ControllerControllerPublic authoritiesFor necessary period of time, for the contract period and at least 10 years after termination
3Marketing purposesAddress, contact information, identification dataData subject in precontractual relationship with Controller, and after severing contractual relationshipControllerPublic authoritiesFor necessary period of time with respect to marketing purposes, at least 6 months
  1. Below are listed purposes of processing Personal Data:
    1. Contract Performance: business relationship between you and the Controller based on an order, registration, concluded contract, participation in competition and others;
    2. Delivering Commercial Communications, Product and Services Offer: sending commercial offers via email, by a letter, short text messages or a phone call;
    3. Accounting and Tax Purposes: compliance with accounting and tax legislation;
    4. Human Resources: employment contracts, processing salaries, deductions regarding social and health insurance under Czech Labor Law, no. 262/2006 Coll., and other Czech laws, no. 582/1991 Coll., social insurance organization, no. 48/1997 Coll., public health insurance;
    5. Statistical Purposes: anonymized data regarding our website visits, monitoring number of website’s views, the period of time spent on the website, type of device used. We collect this data to constantly improve our provided services and offer our clients relevant content;
    6. Ads: showing ads on the website based on customer’s statistical preferences;
    7. Legitimate Interests: effective defense in case of litigation; in this case we retain data for period of 5 years and the period prolongs for the duration of the litigation. 

We constantly strive to improve our services and to provide new and better ones; we would like to prevent such actions that would hinder our development. This falls under our legitimate interest. Furthermore, our legitimate interest contains processing for the purpose of preventing a fraud (e.g., the risk assessment of contract), direct marketing (e.g., offering relevant services to our customers), transfer of Personal Data within a group of companies for internal administrative purposes, reporting crimes and transferring Personal Data to relevant public authority, security of network and information purpose. This list is only demonstrative, not exhaustive;

  1. Compliance with Legal Duty: handing over Personal Data to public authority in criminal proceedings, transferring Personal Data to various public authorities and others.
  1. We restrict processing your Personal Data for only necessary period of time to protect your rights arising from our business relationship, at least for processing your order, performing contract, installing services and others. Next for necessary period of time as to comply with our legal duty and provisions or for the period of time for which you granted your consent. Otherwise, the time is restricted by the purposes for which the Personal Data is processed or stipulated by law.
  2. Personal Data is processed by Controller both in manual and automatic manner. Controller has the right to process some information in automatic manner e.g., to compile statistical information about website’s visits.
  1. Personal Data Processed with Your Consent
    1. In case you provided us with your consent to process Personal Data, it is for the following purposes:
    2. Marketing purposes:
      1. Delivering commercial communications, product and services offers.
      2. Personalization of content and ads, ensuring functionality of social media, analysis of website’s visits with the help of following services:
        1. Google, Google Analytics, Google Adwords and connected services 
        2. Facebook
        3. Instagram
        4. Sklik
        5. LinkedIN
    3. We have restricted Personal Data processing with respect to purposes mentioned above to absolute minimum. Mostly (if it is available): identification of a person, contact information, meta data regarding website’s visit, shopping and other preferences. We do not process other Personal Data for the above-mentioned purposes.
  1. Your Privacy Rights
    1. As Data Subject you have the following rights regarding the processing of your Personal Data: 
      1. Right to Information, right to receive information about the processing of your Personal Data, prior to processing as well as during the processing. This information the Controller has to provide you without undue delay upon request. The content of information is prescribed in Article 15 of GDPR. The Controller the controller may charge a reasonable fee based on administrative costs;
      2. Right to Erasure ("Right to be Forgotten"), Right to Rectification and Right to restriction of processing. If you discover inaccuracy, you have the right to seek rectification of inaccurate Personal Data. You have the right to erasure of your Personal Data, e.g., if there is no legally recognized title on our part for further processing of your Personal Data. You have the right to restriction of processing of your Personal Data;
      3. Right of access, aside from the information about the processing of your Personal Data, you have the right to receive a copy of your Personal Data undergoing processing;
      4. Right to contact supervisory authority, court, you can lodge a complaint with the supervisory authority, for Czech Republic it is The Office for Personal Data Protection (Czech: Úřad na ochranu osobních údajů), or your local authority or a relevant court;
      5. Right to data portability, the right to receive Personal Data which you have provided and is being processed on the basis of consent or where it is necessary for the purpose of conclusion and performance of a contract, in machine-readable format;
      6. Right to object, applies to cases of processing carried out in legitimate interest. You have the right to object to such processing, on grounds relating to your particular situation, and we are required to assess the processing in order to ensure compliance with all legally binding rules and applicable regulations;
      7. Right to withdraw consent, in the case of processing based on your consent, you can withdraw your consent at any time.
    2. You can exercise abovementioned rights by contacting us via following:
      1. email:;
      2. Phone;
      3. By letter at address Revoluční 1082/8, Praha – New Town, 110 00, Czech Republic;
  1. Cookies
    1. Cookies are short text files, that the website sends to your internet browser. They allow the website to record data about your visit, e.g., chosen language and others. They enable the website to make your next visit better and easier. Cookies files are important, without them browsing would be much more complicated. Cookies enable better usage of our website and personalize it to your preferences. Almost every website uses them. Cookies are very useful, enhancing user-friendliness for repeated visits.
    2. On website the Controller may use following cookies:
      1. Session (temporary) cookies allow us recognise your activity on our website, when you are browsing. They last for the duration of opened web browser. When you close your web browser, these cookies are deleted.
      2. Permanent cookies remain in operation even after the web browser has been closed. They help us to identify your device, if you come visit the website repeatedly.
    3. In compliance with law, we notify you that the website uses cookies. We process your cookies, including permanent ones.
    4. Internet browsers generally have cookies management. In your web browser’s settings, you can delete and block individual cookies or forbid cookies altogether. For more information use your browser’s help. If you do not allow cookies, the website might not work properly.
    5. To personalize content and ads, provide functions of social media, analyze your visits we use cookies. Information about how you use our website is shared to our partners in social media, advertisement and analysis. By using our website, you agree with the following services being used:
      1. Google
      2. Facebook
      3. Instagram
      4. Sklik
      5. LinkedIN
    6. To personalize ads shown in advertisement and social media on other websites we transfer Personal Data regarding your behaviour on our website to the providers of these media. This Personal Data is restricted, we do not transfer identification or personal information.
  1. Transfers of personal data to third countries
    1. Your Personal Data is not transferred to any third country.
  1. Further information and questions
    1. You can find further information regarding data protection on our website or by email