Manage and organize your company from anywhere

FLOWIO is an easy to navigate and intuitive application for organization of your company, but also its management. Thanks to the application you create any business process in just a few hours. Get the application on Android, iOS device or computer.
Who uses FLOWIO
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Available on devices

FLOWIO najdete také na AndroiduFLOWIO najdete také na iOSFLOWIO je dostupné i jako desktopová aplikace

Who benefits from FLOWIO?

Easy to navigate application, allows you to set up any process in a few minutes

Say goodbye to impractical spreadsheets and documents. Say goodbye to spread out systems, in which decisions and implementation of new processes take months. FLOWIO interface can be adjusted to each employee’s needs. What’s more, you can react in mere minutes to changes in the processes. So in the end, everybody knows what to work on at a given time. FLOWIO can be accessed both on your computer and your mobile devices, even when you are out of office.

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Flowio - více informací
FLOWIO - Přehledné prostředí, které si upravíte na míru
FLOWIO - Sjednocení podnikové agendy do jedné aplikace

All your business processes in one application

You will find everything important in one place. Your day-to-day business is accessible in just one application. Whether you are dealing with invoices, billing, purchases, approvals or you are CEO, everything is within a hand’s reach. You can connect many modules to FLOWIO, such as management of employees, billing, operations, delegating tasks, even purchase control. It all depends on your vision and requirements.

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Secure connection of your information system and database

FLOWIO connects securely via API to your information system and database. Thanks to direct connection to the source information system, you do not have to wait for data to load. Your data are not transferred to any other location and the solution is absolutely secure and reliable.

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FLOWIO - Bezpečné propojení, které nikdo jiný nenabízí

Reach FLOWIO’s full potential

Modules that will make managing your company much easier

Flowio - personalistika

Human resource management

Plan employee’s training, evaluation and goals. In the module you can also enter employee’s work attendance.

Flowio - faktury


Check your billing, invoices, financial reports and approve all documents in one place.

Flowio - zakázky


Have an overview of individual orders and their harmonogram. At the same time, create comprehensive reports.

Flowio - úkoly


Submit to your employees tasks, execute tasks and approve them. From anywhere, at your leisure.

Flowio - nákupy


All your purchases under your control are in one place. Send and approve your purchase requests in one application.

Other functions