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Manage your company and always have a summary of what's going on right now. FLOWIO is a modern self-service solution, that allows you to access your processes on every platform (web-based and mobile device on every OS). The interface is intuitive and easy to navigate for every member of your team.

Flowio - Roadmap
Is easy to implement
Flowio - personalistika
Every member of your team sees only what he or she needs to
Flowio - úkoly
Is really secured and reliable

Multi platform solution to make your life easier

Manage your company in one application

FLOWIO - Celá podniková agenda v jedné aplikaci

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Approve invoices and payment with just few clicks

Get the maximum information of your finances 
in your company

Say goodbye to endless emails and spreadsheets

Simplify administration of economic areas to the max. FLOWIO allows for automatization of various tasks, approve payments and process documents in a few clicks. At the same time, you can easily manage your cost centers. Thanks to notifications, you will never miss anything about the finances in your company

Approval of invoices


Approval of Documents

Automatization of processes

FLOWIO- Dejte sbohem nekonečným e-mailům a tabulkám

Schedule vacation for your employees and motivate them

Easily manage requests from your employees

FLOWIO - Veškerá zaměstnanecká agenda se vám zpřehlední

All human resources agenda is now accessible

See what employee has scheduled a vacation or home office. In FLOWIO you can enter and approve work attendance in order to evaluate each employee. At the same time you can easily track training and certifications. In short, give access to your employees to any process they need.

Employees evaluation

Enter and approve training and certification

Enter and approve work attendance

Evaluate targets

You can lead your company from anywhere

Interface that suits you

Enjoy FLOWIO on computer and mobile device

Do you need to solve something on the way to a meeting? Thanks to FLOWIO application, you can attend to your company anytime from anywhere. Interface is also designed to be intuitive and easy to navigate. Every employee has a personalized interface and can see only what he or she needs. We also introduce push notifications for easier use.

Entering tasks

Interface personalization

Push notifications

Online access

FLOWIO - Užívejte si aplikaci FLOWIO na počítači i mobilním telefonu

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